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HanZhong Railway Station


HanZhong Railway Station, established in 1971, is located in Hantai District of Hanzhoung City People's road, belonging to the Xi'an Railway Bureau Hanzhoung branch jurisdiction, two station is an important railway transportation organization in Hanzhoung city. It is an important node in youngan railway and West intersection of high-speed railway. The West into a high-speed railway project of HanZhong Railway Station rebuilding has started construction in September 29, 2009, January 16, 2013 officially put into use, the new HanZhong Railway Station station building area of 12 thousand square meters, of which the waiting area of 6300 square meters, an increase of 5032 square meters compared to the original waiting area; the ticket area of 498 square meters, an increase of 298 square meters, the highest aggregation number is 3000.